Next week, we enter into Distance Learning from March 23rd to April 3rd, and although many of us use technology daily, this is very much uncharted territory for our entire community.   Our faculty and staff have been working very diligently and collaboratively to prepare this online transition, in ways that are fair and equitable for all students. We have been virtually meeting together all week, to share resources and plans, to best educate our students.

Grades K and 1

  • Hard copy textbooks and/or work packets* – some may be sent through email or Google Classroom
  • Activities will mirror the activities that are done on a daily basis in the classroom (word work, writing, reading, math) 
  • Teachers will email or make individual calls (phone calls) to students to check in on work 
  • Teachers maintain records of student completion of work independently 
  • Blended Learning Resources as much as possible through Google Classroom 

Grades 2 – 5

  • Instructional delivery will include digital platforms that are currently in use at these grade levels such as our ELA program Wonders, My Math, IXL, Lexia, etc.  Students will also have access to online textbooks ((ConnectEd – Wonders, My Math, Foss Science). Teachers and students have experience using these district-vetted resources and platforms. 
  • Students submit homework/classwork to their teachers through a variety of channels (most submissions will be through Google Classroom
  • Teachers track and record student completion and mastery (i.e. daily grade) through Google Classroom and our district SIS SKYWARD 
  • Teachers interact with students through Google Classroom using the messaging function as well as the class stream. Collaboration and feedback are an integral part of using G Suite for Education’s shared document features. Students can communicate with each other this way as well. 
  • Teachers check in one-on-one with a caseload of students or students who were not able to join the class through various channels (e.g. phone) to review their homework, talk through hard questions, prepare them for the next set of assignments, and ensure they are still progressing

All faculty members (including content specialists and special education support) will be available to answer questions from 8:30am-2:30pm beginning Monday, March 23rd.  Contact can be made through the online platform the teacher is using: DoJo, Bloomz, RemindApp or Google Classroom


The District Plan for Chromebook Distribution has been sent out.  You must be on the distribution list for a borrowed Chromebook computer with the principal.  In the event you cannot pick up during the offered times, please contact the principal directly at


*PACKETS for K and Grade 1

Hard copy packets will be available in the McGuire School lobby on Monday, March 23rd from 7:30am – 2:00pm.  Please take the packet with your child’s name on it. They will be separated by grade.  In the event you cannot pick up during the offered times, please contact the principal directly at